Tricks for girls, feel beautiful

Hello girls!
Do you know that only 2% of the population is considered beautiful ? Of course they are not exactly good data, something is missing ... too much publicity making us see that all those who appear on television ads, magazines ... are perfect and that only they have the right to live in the world of Alice in Wonderland or in that of the pills, namely.
The problem of feeling beautiful oserirse ugly is all in our mind. One of the great problems of nosentirse beautiful is that you compare yourself with other people who "it seems that loson" but the reality is not always like we saw in Famosascon and without photshop , do not believe everything that You see even recently some fashion bloggers have recognized that they use Photoshop in their photos.
feel pretty
I sincerely believed that they did not, I thought they were normal girls and that's why I follow many Well maybe not so many, but if what you're going to teach is the same as a magazine, why follow you? Although of course they have been very brave to recognize it.
But as surely if you read this blog is because you are a normal person today I bring you some ...

Tricks for girls to feel beautiful:

1. The main thing is that do not compare yourself , a journal and you begin to compare yourself badly we go. I should give you all are hyper-makeup and photoshop and I would like to see more than one newly raised.
2. Eat well , whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm sure I'm not the only one who eats 3 bags of popcorn and then regrets come in.
3. Take care of your skin , with creams, exfoliants, massages, the essential ones you can see in Cosmetics that are essential for a woman
4. Dare, we all feel better with one or another clothing. Put what you want, many people do not put what you like for "who will say." But what if you are going to criticize the same, envy is the national sport.
5. Stomp hard , but if you do not know how to get around, use flat shoes and learn to get the most out of it.
6. And the most important thing is that you trust yourself and your values. If you do not do it, who is going to do it? If you follow these tricks for girls and you love yourself you'll have it all.
And do you like to feel beautiful ? Did you know these tricks for girls ?