The world of the blogosphere goes crazy

Hello girls!
In previous chapters we saw The war between bloggers and brands or What I hate to be a blogger but this last post is almost a year that I wrote it and of course everything in life changes, but in this case I do not think they change for good, but that they change for the worse.

mafalda angry girl

And today I either wrote it or exploded it, you know that the days that I get up with my left foot do not leave me or put nice images in instagram and I bring you my new list of the things I hate about the blogger world, let's call it what I hate to be a blogger PART TWO:

1. I hate that there are people who despite following me for two years I only see them comment when there are raffles , well I do the draws so that people sign up and most are not sponsored are from my pocket but Is it so difficult to comment sometime?

We only remember to comment when there are raffles, of course as I had to take the blog with the support of these people I would have abandoned it after two days.
Although luckily they are only 4 or 5, they will not even read this post.

2. I hate the bloggers who like to pretend adding numbers in the followers gadget. Let's give an example of what it helps you to have started at the same time as I have 2500 followers if then you have half the visits that I do ... I think something does not work or there are those who just want to pretend.

I guess they will give an award for pretending because otherwise I do not understand it.

And not only in blogger that you tell me of those who have 20,000 followers in Instagram and only 100 in blogger, ahem that there are programs to buy followers in instagram. He has known for a long time.

3. Then there are some fashion blogger that start to get on my nerves and a lot. When they are normal and companies do not sponsor them, they are a love.

But the brands arrive and they are already disgusting, believing themselves to be superior, because apart from sponsoring the blog, they also buy you the sympathy, do not they? And I do not enter them all in the same box but the vast majority begin to grow and are no longer bloggers are dummies to which the brands tell them the clothes they have to wear and they are so happy without realizing that they are no longer they, that people followed them for what they were, not for the clothes that the brands give them.

That because they dress from time to time like they really like it, nothing happens, because they answer people he asks them, nobody dies.

4. And the worst is that kind of blogger that only supports the people who make the ball . The other day remember that we are in full July to 40 º degrees I happened to say to an Egoblogger "Mother of mine, where you go with that jersey in the heat of summer," 2 minutes slow to block me.

I like to annoy haha, I love how well some critics accept blogging, so you see only you can say that pretty, what a beautiful picture, ohh I'm your fan, you are my idol and blah blah blah is to say the ball because if you do not care, you are blocked and who knows that day you do not eat anymore, your life ends for you because an EB has blocked you (Note the irony)

5. Then there are bloggers who are not liars nooooooooooooooo is that they do not know how to add see the blog of mdellorto one of my favorite blog and recommended that you see (Not suitable for fashion blogger) in which as we see in these entries there are bloggers who claim to be one of the most visited blog and all that without reaching 1000 visits/daily, that the lies have very short legs.


But there are other events in which you go tell you the clothes you have to put on you take the photos you take it off and then you have to say on your blog that your dress was very cute. death and that you were divine with him, if so much you like something because you do not buy it instead of trying it on and staying there?

No thanks I do not want to be a fair monkey.

7. The spam is already long, if you have a draw you can freely say and if you want to leave the url of your blog without a link you can also leave it on my blog, but what need do I have to be all the weeks erasing comments of loans! Damn banks that even in the blog have to be fucking.

8. And finally I hate a lot but so much that you will have another entry to explain the topic that there are brands that treat you differently if you buy as a blogger if you buy as a normal person without saying that you are a blogger. I leave it because I'm still fighting but in brief I'll tell you.

Not everything is bad, I wrote you about what I like about being a blogger

And what do you hate about the world? of the blogosphere? If you hate this blog you are also free to say it (no insults, no offense) here there is no censorship or blocking anyone.