The nutricosmetics that is drunk

¡Hola chicas !!
The nutricosmetics that you drink is in fashion and marks Beauty & Go has been the first to register alboom that is anticipated with this type of drinks. If you're tired of seeing the famous with the glass of coffee from Starbucks you can erase that image of your head, because as soon as you pay one to go with this type of drinks you can imagine what will happen.
Ass I see asshole!
beauty & Go nutricosmetica that is drunk
Do not know what beauty drink I'm talking about?
It is a new beauty product, it is a drink made with fruits and Macro-antioxidants to improve our skin.
What are macroantioxidants?
They are macromolecules that are found in the skin of fruits and are extracted to combat skin aging and fatigue.
This new drink can be found in four flavors so you can choose:

Anti-aging: this is Antioxidant, firming, regenerating and improves elasticity of the skin.

the nutricosmetic that is drunk
Radiance: Antioxidant, brings luminosity, moisturizing and radiant effect
drink to be beautiful

Vitality: Antioxidant, with anti-fatigue effect, energizing and revitalizing

nutricosmetics to drink

Detox: Antioxidant, detoxifying, purifying and purifying

nutricosmetics that you drink

Its size is 100 ml and for now it can only be found in The groin cut s.

My opinion: I've only tried the orange and the green ones. With green the truth is that I have not noticed anything, with the orange the next day it seemed that my skin was better but the truth is that I can not stand the taste of any.

Do you notice the nutricosmetica ? Will you try it? Kisses