The fruits that least fatten

Hello girls!

With the nearness of summer we already want to lose labarriguita and some extra kilito because of course all year round putting on our boots now takes its toll, so today I bring you some tricks of beauty to eat better and feel better. We will see which are the less fattening fruits .

So if you want to be divine for the summer, we are still calm in time , in addition to the fruit that less fattening , if you are interested in losing some kilito I also recommend you read Tips to lose weight , eye is forbidden to skip any of the steps that I see you :-)
1. The fruit that least fattens is the one that I like least, what encouragement I give you. For only 14 calories per 100 grams we find the Lemon is good to lose weight but eat it as if an orange is not an easy task so you can make a natural zumon.
2. The second fruit that least fattens parami is the summer fruit, the watermelon . It only has 15 calories, it is also very good to hydrate, to avoid fluid retention and it is antioxidant.
3. Grapefruit , is not a fruit that mefascine a lot ... but I should like it because it only has 26 calories, is nourishing, has calcium, magnesium, potassium and helps reduce cholesterol.
4. In number 4 we find my favorite fruit that you follow me for Instagram you know what it is ... Strawberries . It has 27 calories and is beneficial for bone growth as well as preventing cardiovascular problems.
5. In number five we find the peach with 30 calories, it contains a lot of water so it is very good to lose weight. It also provides fiber and iron.
6. The raspberries and the melon have the same calories and the two are equally good, 31 calories.

7. The berries , perhaps more difficult to find in the cities but highly recommended to eat have 35 calories.

8. In the thirties we also have the plums with 36 calories, the currant with 37 and the pear with 38 calories.

9 In the forty calories we have the blueberries and tangerines with 41 calories, the apples with 45, the fig 47 calories and the cherries 48.

10. With the 50 calories, they no longer belong to the fruits that get the least weight , but as you surely want to know which ones are later I'll put them all. We have the apricot with 52 calories, the orange with 53, the pineapple 55 and the kiwi 56. p>

11. In the sixty calories are the grapes with 61 and the grenade 62.

12. And the ones that get fatter are the mango with 73 calories, the banana 85 calories and the avocado 232 calories.

Eating fruits is always good, but they are also the fruits that are least fattening yet!
Did you know which are the fruits that are least of all ?