The chest of Pierre fabre

Good morning girls!
A few days ago I received a very special package Cofre Beauty Expertise from Pierre fabre . feminine cosmetics.

Laboratories Pierre fabre were born in 1961 and are leaders in capillary and dermo-esthetic care in Spain and France.
Special products for the summer come in the chest.
Do you want to see them?
The chest by Pierre fabre
Dry Solar Oil SPF 15 Polysianes: is an oil for body and hair that is used to intensify tanning. It is advisable to use it together with sun creams. Its size is 150 ml, and its price of € 16.20.
I only use it for the body so that the tan intensifies more.
 Dry Solar Oil SPF 15 Polysianes

Sensifluid of A-derma: is a micellar water Special make-up remover for sensitive skin and indicated for face and neck. Its original size is 250 ml and its price of 13.10 €.

I like it a lot, because with very little amount removes all the makeup.

Sensifluid of A-derma

Rene Furterer's Naturia: is a Frequently used shampoo very soft that provides balance to the hair. Its size is 200 ml and its price of € 14.30.

I have used it and although it is not the best shampoo in the world, I liked that it leaves hair very well, and smells fresh.

Rene Furterer's Naturism

Elixir matifying anti-imperfections: is used to close the pores and reduce imperfections. Its size is 30 ml and its price is € 24

Elixir matifying anti-imperfections

Cream spf 50, galenic: It is a sunscreen against aging.It also helps depigment and has an SPF 15. Its size is 40 ml and its price of € 25.

I really like to use it before makeup. The skin is very beautiful and the makeup stays on the face perfectly.

Melascreen Illuminator of Ducray

Avène facial SPF 50 emulsion: In my opinion, Avène is one of the best brands of sunscreens for combination and oily skin, suitable for very clear and hypersensitive skin. clear as you will imagine it comes to me from the best protectors I've tried.

Emulsion SPF 50 Avène facial
What do you think of the Pierre fabre's Chest ? Did you know your female cosmetics?