Relax in 5 minutes

Hello Beauty!
Work, blog, daily routine ... can cause stress and fatigue. That's why today I bring you some tips to relax in 5 minutes in any place the easiest way.
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Cheats for girls to be able to relax:

1. Drinking green tea, slowly and without haste will make you relax. Do not try to replace it with coffee because it will be much worse.
2. Walking, a walk of 10 - 15 minutes helps the body, and will help you relax, that if you try to do it alone, because if you do it with someone it may overwhelm you even more.
3. Close your eyes, with this we will rest the view and help us to think. And we'll be like that for a while.
4. Daydreaming, the National Institute of Health of the United States recommends it to reduce stress. Illusionate, live and daydream.
5. Do not use the computer before going to sleep as this generates more stress and you will not be able to relax. Also try not to take mobile phones or electronic devices.
6. Take the sun, not only will you appreciate tucuerpo and you will see more brunette but also you will see more comforted. That's right, you always have to do it with a good sunscreen.
7. Take a relaxing bath without being rushed. Do it at a time that you know that nobody will bother you.
8. Listen to slow music, you will have a efectotranquilizador on you.
9. Eat banana, when we have stress blood pressure increases and the banana helps us lower it.
10. Laugh, think about the times when you really laughed and you will feel much better.
And do you live stressed out or have you learned to relax ?