Refan, the most greedy cosmetic

Hello girls!

Today I do not come with any facial beauty trick , but I will give you my opinion about Refan products for our face.
How to make the best perfume in the world and offer it at the best price?

That was the question that in 1991 (year in which I was born) some Bulgarian perfumers of the highest level wanted to give an answer. They found that answer, and they baptized it with the name of Refan.

But currently refan not only sells perfumes , they also sell specialized cosmetics and body cosmetics, handmade glycerin soaps, handmade candles, aromatherapy products for bath, salts, oils and fruit scrubs.

cosmetics with scent of gummies refan

My opinion about Refan cosmetics:

The products of feminine cosmetics that I've tried from Refan are from the Passion Fruity Yogurt series because the smells that I like the most are sweets especially in cosmetics that make you want to eat them.
Sugar body scrub PassionFruit and Yogurt; is an essential combination of natural sugar crystals mixed with natural oils.
Eliminates dead cells and stimulates skin respiration. The concentrate of yogurt and the extract of the fruit of the lapse restore the water-salt balance of the skin, lengthening the hydration. Its size is 240 g.
How use it?
We apply it on the wet skin with circular movements until the crystals are absorbed (do not be surprised that they are not real crystals that prick or anything) and later we clarify with water.
My opinion about this exfoliant: When I opened the boat for the first time, it gave me the feeling that it was like a "flash pole defesa", It smells very sweet and it is a pleasure to exfoliate with it. In addition there remains the divine skin of death.
gominola body scrub

Body lotion Passion Fruity Reflan Yogurt;

Rich in moisturizing ingredients and captivating fruity aroma of lapasión. Softens, smoothes and regenerates the skin. the concentrate of yogurt and extract of the passion fruit restore the water-salt balance of the skin, lengthening hydration.
How to use it?
Apply to clean skin and gently massage until your complete absorption.
My opinion : it is a very light body lotion that is absorbed by the body. speed of light, so if you are one of those who put on body cream and are looking forward to getting dressed this is your body lotion.A formula rich in natural oils that soften and nourish the skin. The concentrate of yogurt and passion of the fruit stimulates the natural hydration of the skin protecting it from the loss of moisture.
How to use it?
Apply on clean and dry hands massaging until the cream is completely absorbed.
My opinion: Although the image does not look good, it is a white cream with a touch of pink. It smells really good and just like body lotion is absorbed very quickly so it's easy to apply. You can keep doing things.
hand cream brand refan
But undoubtedly the product that I liked the most is this sponjajabón Passion Fruit and Yogurt from which you can see the packaging in the first photo because in this I do not know where the paper was anymore, not because I am a clueless not sure that it is because the earth has swallowed it.
I think it's a great invention to have the soap and the sponge together, when you wet the soap down and you can shower/bathe in the most comfortable with this sponge/soap.
sponge with soap refan

In general, all products from Refan feminine cosmetics, I liked it a lot their aroma, because they are very good and also because they do not contain Parabens.

Did you know the Refan cosmetics ? What do you think about my opinion?