How to disguise a big nose

Hello beauties!
Following the post I wrote a few months ago, Labelleza comes out, I've noticed that one of the things that most horrifies women is the nose , but as I told you in the previous postoperarse the nose is one of the most complicated surgeries and its price 1500 eurosmuchas can not afford it.
That's why today I bring you some beauty tricks to disguise a big nose and not have to be surprised, because with some tricks we can disguise it very well ...

Beauty tricks to disguise a big nose:

1. At the time of make-up to dissemble a large nose what we are using a darker base between the pads and the sides of the nose.
2. After applying the base of makeup, we will put powders with matte finish so that we do not leave brights.
3. With a brush we will apply tanning powder on the tip of the nose, but make sure to blend it well
4. Use blusher and blush lipstick that stand out in this way divert attention to your nose.

5. We will do a very fine eyebrow depilation, and we will remove all the little hairs from the eyebrows.

6. If you have a slightly downward nose or aquiline nose, give a touch of makeup with a darker color to disguise the big nose .

7. Do not put any hairstyle with the line in the middle, but you have to do next. If you make the line in the middle all the attention goes on your nose.

8. If you wear rouge that is not very flashy, you use light brown and brown colors.

Did you know these beauty tricks to disguise a large unarmed >? Kisses