How to accelerate the tan

Hello girls!
As I commented in previous post I try to get dark not wanting to be the twilight, so today I bring you some beauty tips to accelerate the tan .
accelerate the tan
If you also want to wear a brunette, give it a look at the list of things that I have to do, try not to skip any, although sometimes ... meescapa any of these tricks.
To accelerate the tan something very important is the power and for it:
1. We will try to eat legumes, cereals and nuts rich in vitamin E that block the passage of free radicals.
2. Eat foods that contain vitamin C such as cauliflower, spinach, red fruits, kiwis ... these foods help us avoid the damage caused by the sun.
3. For the browning to last longer the best foods are blue fish and nuts.
When sunbathing:
- We will do it little by little for a few days. Nothing to throw a whole day under the sun because the only thing we will achieve is to stay like a shrimp and to match our skin.
- We also have to drink a lot of water and, of course, protect ourselves with solar creams. You can see Sunscreen of 50, for the little ones Eclisun sunscreen, Sunscreen delicate skins, Ladival sunscreen, Unt 30 sunscreen or Facial sunscreen.

- You can also take solar capsules containing omega 3 and omega 6, beta carotene, antioxidants and trace elements that help us activate melanin.

And you knew these beauty tricks to accelerate tanning?