Hair removal with caramel paste

Hello Beauty !
Summer is here and besides trying to lose weight another of the things that we are most concerned about is hair removal they exist many methods that you can see in What is the best method to depilarte? But holes I bring a novelty in terms of hair removal refers to hair removal caramel.
depilation with candy paste

What is hair removal with caramel paste?

Although they say it is a new method, Yaleopatra practiced a method called "Halawa" ( Arab caramel) consisted of making a mixture with water, sugar and lemon juice that eliminated the beautiful.

And now this new method arrives in Spain although it is already well known in countries like Italy, Austria, Germany, Russia and Hungary.
For now the company that has brought this new form of hair removal is pholosophie, f natural body to be plucked all body and also for all skin types including skins with dermatitis.

Hair removal with caramel paste has many advantages among them :

1. It is a 100% natural hair removal.
2. Removes dead skin cells, just like with an exfoliation.
3. It is very easy to remove skin and clothing. You will not have to use the typical cotton with alcohol to remove the remains of wax.
4. It is very hygienic since it applies nitrile conguantes.
5. It plucks the hair by the roots, and lasts about 4 weeks.
6. It starts the hair with only 1mm long.
These are the advantages highlighted although you have many others, if you are interested their approximate prices are:
- Arms: 15 euros
- English/bikini line: 12 euros
- Brazilian intimacy: 20 euros
- Legs and bikini line: 40 euros
- Leg socks: 20 euros
- Underarms: 15 euros
- Lip: 8 euros
- Eyebrows: 10 euros
What looks like the hair removal with candy paste ? Kisses