Finish with dry hands forever

Hello Beauties !
There is nothing that makes me fuck bother more than having dry hands , I can not help it , that's why today I bring you some beauty tricks to end the dry hands forever.
ends with dry hands
Normally the hands are always in contact with water to wash them, to wash the dishes ... we have the bad habit of using the nails as tools at the moment when you are not able to open something there are the nails and It is not a good idea but I am one of those who can not avoid it.
In the end the hands end up destroyed and dry so today I I've got some beauty tricks to repair some wet and dry hands:
1. Months ago I showed you how aloe vera had helped me to cure my burns together with rosehip oil , which is also the best beauty ally for women. Separately they are very good but if we put them together it is the best thing in the world.
What we will do is very easy in a jar that we have empty of any product we will mix a little aloe vera gel (like the one you can see in spaicosmetic or do it yourself) and put a few drops of rosehip.
With this mixture we will say goodbye to the dry and cracked hands.
But if what we want is to recover the flexibility, here is another trick-tip for the hands:
2. For the second trick the ingredients that we will use to have a flexible hands are honey and orange. In a bowl we will put honey, then squeeze an orange and mix. We will mix the mixture for 15-20 minutes on your hands and that's it.

3. When you go to wash your hands, try not to do it with very hot water. We also have to use a mild soap.

4. At the time of drying our hands we will do it with a soft towel, and without giving it a hard shake.

5. At night before going to sleep, put on some good moisturizer. But note that the cream does not have parabens and silicones , or else they will end up drier.

7. If you sunbathe, apply cream on your hands or it will become very dry.

We already have some perfect hands .
Did you know these beauty tricks to have perfect hands? Do you have dry hands ?