Natural Nail Pedicures

Treat your feet to the ultimate in luxury (for the season)

The Spoiler Princess/ Prince Pedicure 

Treat your little princess or prince to a pedicure on our special children’s spa chair. We will begin treatment by soaking their little feet in our warm, refreshing bath of fresh flowers of the day or slices of lime and lemon. We will trim the nails, push back the cuticles and massage the legs and feet with our organic cream. We conclude by wrapping the feet of the princess or prince in our organic mask and applying a polish of her or his choice.

The Relaxer Pedicure 

Soak your feet in a warm bath of lemon or lime slices. This pedicure includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, exfoliation of dead skin, hot towel, extensive leg and foot massage, mineral oil, and finish with your choice of polish.

Heart Warming Pedicure 

Nail trimming, shape, cuticles, grooming . Ginger combined with pineapple sea salt scrub . paraffin wax . candle lotion massage. Hot towel. Followed by polish.

Caffè Americano Pedicure 

Nail trimming,shape,cuticle,grooming. We apply sugar coffee to your legs and feet,callus remover,paraffin wax.we will apply coffee cream to moisturize your skin. Polish of your choice

Gentlemen’s Pedicure 

Created just for men who want to experience relaxation you will feel the stress of your day melt away as you soak your feet in a warm bath of lemon and lime slices. We will take special care to remove any calluses on your heels after which we will wrap your feet in a revitalizing warm paraffin mask. This pedicure includes a stimulating volcanic stone massage on your lower legs and feet, as well as warm or cold towels to help you relax. If you wish, we can buff your toenails to a natural sheen or apply clear nail polish.

Organic Orange Pedicure 

Soak your feet in orange juice,organic sugar with fresh orange,callus removal therapy,orange mask hot stone massage,orange paraffin wax,orange cream,followed by polish.

It’s a great source of vitamin c for your skin and the citric acid helps slough off dead skin cells to tighten and renew your natural skin tone.

Milk & Honey Organic Pedicure 

Soak your feet in a mixture of warm water and fresh milk; relax in a massage chair while we remove dead skin with an Organic Sugar Scrub and honey.

Additionally, we treat you to callus removal therapy, a skin-softening mask and a luxurious volcanic stone massage on your lower leg and feet. This pedicure includes nail shaping, filing, cuticle treatment, Mineral Oil and an application of our exclusive Milk & Honey Cream. Finish with you choice of polish.

Fresh Cucumber pedicure 

Fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin,to help moist and smooth. Enjoy the benefits of nature in the cucumber exfoliating,detoxifying masque. Let its fresh country scent carry you back to dewy country farms . surrender your cares like a child in summertime.

Herbal Pedicure  
Includes your choice of custom made herbal products from our menu of Herbs for a relaxing sensory experience. 
Nail and cuticle care cullus removal therapy
Herbal scrub exfoliating
Herbal mask
Hot towels
Hot stone massage
Paraffin treatment
Herbal lotion
Polish of your choice. 

Jelly Pedicure 

A gel forms when the powder is added to the water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy Jelly to soak your feet in. Reshaped nails and cuticles are groomed and conditioned during a callus removal treatment. Jell helps exfoliate as well as hydrate the skin. Finish with a Mineral Oil and skin-softening mask with hot towel wrap followed by a luxurious volcanic stone leg massage. This is the ultimate relief from stress and aching muscles followed by polish of your choice.

Lotus Heavenly Pampered Pedicure 

Reward your feet with innovative bath complete with orange, lemon and lime slices an our flowers of the day. As you bask in severity, we will remove any calluses on your heels and dead skin cells using our exclusive tropical scrub exfoliate.

Skin softening organic natural mask with hot towel wrap, warm tropical mineral oil treatment will moisturize your legs and feet. Finally, a volcanic stone massage and the application of our exclusive tropical blossom cream and tropical candle oil will complete your heavenly experience followed by polish of your choice.