Demak'Up + My Beauty routine

Hello girls!
Today I want to talk about my cleaning routine and my favorite cotton disks and wipes that are from the brand Demak Up .
The cotton discs we use as much or more than the scarves at least in my case and in the case you do not do it. the bossy came out) I unsheathed twice a day.
Esteritual helps us get rid of impurities on the skin as well as encouraging the regeneration of this and the effectiveness of cosmetic products.
cotton disks and wipes demak up
Miritual of Cleaning is as simple and simple as possible . In the morning I use a facial cleanser, then I use a tonic and finally a moisturizer. I always choose moisturizers that are very light and that are quickly absorbed.
By the night my facial routine changes a lot. The first thing I do is make up my eyes. When I have my face completely cleansed I go to the cleaning and I use a cleanser that exfoliates the skin, improves the face and helps to eliminate stains.
Then I use a tonic to refresh the skin and close the pores. And finally, just like my morning routine I use a moisturizer, in this case it is not so light since I pretend to hydrate a little more at night.
Y After telling you my facial routine as I said, I show you my favorite cotton discs because the brand demak'up takes care of the skin and so you can see what I tell you, I will show you every kind of disks and makeup wipes have, all different to find the right one for our skin .
cotton disks and wipes demak up
Sensitive cotton discs desma they quillan perfectly without irritating, they respect the most fragile zones as it is the contour of eyes and they are very soft. They are manufactured with 100% cotton fibers and enriched with cotton oil extracts.
They have them in the shape of a disc and in an oval shape, they taste more like a disc because I use them better but that's a matter of taste.
 Demak Up makeup remover disks
The demak up expert cotton discs have a honeycomb texture that captures and eliminates makeup. Its composition is 100% natural and biodegradable cotton fibers.An effective formula, with Pro-vitamin B5 and allantoin, which works even with waterproof makeup.
They are indicated for normal or combination skins .
makeup remover wipes demak up
Ami skin the cotton discs that are best for you are the sensitive and in the case of the cleansing wipes the cool cotton wipes .
disks of cotton and wipes demak up
The best thing about this brand is that all its products are very economical and of quality.
What do you think about the Demak up products? Have you tried them?