Cosmetics from Korea, Biological Ferment Moisture Panacea

Hello girls!
If there is something that is becoming more popular in blogs every day, it is the cosmetics of Korea, we are all passionate about its products, so today I am going to talk about La cosmetics from Korea and theSuiskin brand .

SUISKIN After years of R & D, dedicated to the study of skin care, it has managed to restore the barrier of skin protection, thanks to the fusion between Koreana nano-technology, Swiss natural resources and German technology.

DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) Structure of the Dermo-Membrane consisting of the use of ingredients like lecithin, ceramide, squalene and cholesterol, they form their laminar structure and quickly restore your skin.

The products that I have of Korea Cosmetics are all these, although today only I'm going to talk about Biogical Ferment Moisture panacea and later I'll talk about others.

 cosmetics of Korea suiskin

What is Biogical Ferment Moisture panacea?

It is a moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream that hydrates naturally giving rise to a luminous skin with natural components fermented at 36.9C.

The powerful anti-wrinkle action of the adenosine and oligopeptides similar to Botox containing the cream biogical ferment moisture panacea , provide skin rejuvenation and revitalize it by providing it softness and smoothness.

The powerful anti-wrinkle action of adenosine and oligopeptides similar to Botox, provides rejuvenation to the skin and revitalizes it providing softness and smoothness.

What are the advantages of using this cream (Bicogical ferment moisture panacea)?

- Protective layer composed of elements similar to skin lipids

- Layer permanent moisturizing thanks to the fermented technique

- Keeps skin healthy thanks to the anti-oxidant effect

- Get a luminous skin with the brighting effect

suiskin biogical ferment moisture

How to use Biological Ferment o Moisture panacea?

Wash the face, apply the moisture directly on the skin and massage with the fingertips until it is fully absorbed.

My opinion about Biological FermentoMoisture;

It is a wrinkle-free moisturizer although it seems a bit oily but it is not sticky or annoying. Once I apply the cream I notice that the skin has more light and stays tighter.

To the oily and mixed skin it feels demaravilla, I have read that it is for all skin types although I can only say that I recommend it for this type of skin since at home we all have skin or fat or mixed.
Its price is 41 euros.
What do you think about it? cream Biogical Ferment Moisture panacea ? Would you like to try a product from Korean Cosmetics ?