Can you hold my hand at a distance?

Good morning girls and women !
For the title of the post you will have thought that I am crazy but not crazy at all They are the Frebble . This brand has introduced a new device that serves to give hands assistance .
remote handset
This device serves both for couples as well as for children.
How does it work?
Both people have the device, when one of them tightens the device the other person perceives the grip with a soft touch.
The creators say of him:
Children love him : Now you can take your dad's hand for a business trip, your grandmother who is in another country, your friend who moved away, or maybe just your neighbor's friend.

My opinion: at the beginning I called my attention, then I laughed. I believe that this works for a long time or even that it succeeds. It is not lomismo to shake someone's hand to see how a device gives you a squeeze.

In the case of children, I do not know, maybe they can be more easily deceived. But in the one of the majors I see it an absurdity. If it's like saying "I'm thinking of you" or something like that, but for that there are calls on the mobile, the whattssap ...

And what do you think about this new invention for the remote hand ?