Brilliantinia jewelry box, jewelry for girls

Hello girl!
A few months ago I told you about the rings of the Briliantina brand, on that occasion I showed you rings of piglets, cats, hearts ... you can see in the entrance Rings of brilliantinia .
This time I come to introduce you in jeweler of briliantina in the that not only come rings but also come outstanding, an ideal jeweler for the smallest.
jeweler for girls Briliantina

You have it in two models gray and pink, to me personally the one I like the most is the rose but for tastes the colors. Also tell you that this brand does contests ring design so if you are interested to be careful for when they launch the next, although I will try to warn you.

rings girls Briliantina
brilliantinia jeweler
This ring with glitter and flower is one of the most he liked it because it is very wearable and pretty.
ring Briliantina girls

The one with the flower is the biggest and most striking.

ring girls flower Briliantina

Did you know the rings of brilliantinia ?