Beauty lovers are going to kill me

Hello Beauty !
Lately I often see a lot of opinions that I do not agree with, I mean Beauty opinions , they are going to kill after writing my anti-beauty comments but it is that if I have a beauty blog it is to give my opinions both good and bad.

Anti beauty reviews:

- The depilatory creams are absolutely useless and some of them smell bad.
- La lotion before the hair removal to remove the pain before depilating mercadona is shit, it's no good, I told you about it HERE.
- Painting each nail of a color is unacatetada, nothing of beauty precisely.
- I do not like them at all that they dye blonde and then they keep the black eyebrows (physically I say)
- No need to make up with the Homer shotgun Simpson to go pretty.
shotgun homer simpsons
- Lip color nude fits almost 99% of girls.
- I do not like lasc onsultoras/distributors of mary kay, avon, oriflame ... who say that their products are great and always use them ... then you look at their social networks and use all but those that sell. Not all of course, some I know are great, but there's always everything.
- When they cut 1 centimeter of their long hair and ask, do you like my new haircut? ? What do you say again ...
- I do not like people who buy high-end cosmetics just to pretend, if the product inside changed it, they would distinguish nile.
- I think it's foolish to buy a 100 euro cream , and a study has already been published saying that the best one was for € 3.
- Kerastase products are undervalued, in my opinion. opinion serve for a small sample of it the Elixir ultime de Kerastase .
- The cosmetics of the super not always produced bad proof of it are Timotei shampoos without parabens, silicones and color
What do you think of my opinionsantibellezas ? Do we agree on some?