A pair of amputated legs or some Louboutin?

Hello Beauty!
The gossips say that even to sell you have to know how to make a mistake. And that's what the French brand Louboutin must have thought.
In advertising anything goes.
leg amputated louboutin
The new campaign of Christian Louboutin for the next Autumn/Winter 2015 certainly has not gone unnoticed, shows the shoes of the red sole in their luxury boxes and with some amputated legs. Amputated legs.
At the moment, advertising is easy, it has become a trending topic on Twitter and everyone talks about them.
louboutin amputated legs
The shoe designer has on occasion insured that his shoes they cater to design but not to comfort. That's why all the girls are "killed" by them.
So girls, I do not know what you're expecting please, if we should all stop at least 7 Louboutin one for each day of the week.
Its price is only at least 400 euros we go buy bread and what you have left for a few. Also, what better way to break a foot than with these shoes so comfortable and the best thing is that if you have leg amputated legs you're left dead, because hey, I'm not going to say that the presentation is not pretty and adorable?
Do you think that in advertising anything goes? How do you like the amputated legs of Louboutin ? Kisses