5 lies about cellulite

Hello girls!
A lot is said about cellulite , which can be eliminated, that cellulite can not be eliminated with anything ... many of the things we hear/read are true however, there are others that are not so.
If you have cellulite and we do not see what is Types of cellulite once you know the type of cellulitis you have to avoid these 7 lies about cellulite.

Lies about cellulite:

1. Cellulite does not affect thin people . FALSE.
It does not matter if you are thin, normal or little cellulite affects everyone, 85% of women over 20 years suffer from it. This is due to poor circulation that prevents the elimination of deliquids and toxic substances.
2. The cream X eliminates cellulite . FALSE.
Cellulite can be reduced with good cream, exercise and proper nutrition but can not be eliminated completely.
3. The men do not suffer from cellulite . FALSE.
Although they are lucky that they only have 10%, it is less common since the female cell hormones are responsible for cellulite. only men with the largest presence of estrogen will have it.
4. If you lose weight cellulite is eliminatedFALSE.
Losing weight will help reduce cellulite, but it does not eliminate it since cellulite is accumulated in the dermis as well.
5 Cellulite gets worse with age . FALSE.
Upside down when you get to menopause sefrena.

6. Cellulite is all fat. FALSE.
Cellulite is made up of fat, but also of bad circulation and drainage.

7. If you drink water, you eliminate cellulite. FALSE.
It's very good to drink two liters of water a day, but it will not do anything against cellulite.

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Have you ever heard these lies about cellulite ?