5 great little things that will surprise you

Hello girls!
Today I want to show you some inventions that are quite useful and curious , especially for people who have little space. Of course those who create each of these inventions have a great imagination because they are not very common.

I have already been infatuated with some of these magnificent inventions that have managed to surprise me and I'm sure that some of you you will also be surprised.

5 Inventions that will surprise you:

1. The slide to go down the stairs. Does anyone know a more fun way to go down the stairs? Surely not. It is a very fun way to go down the stairs and not only for the kids, for sure more than one would like to throw you down the stairs like that.

The slide-ladder is easy to put on and once we have used it it is easily stored and occupies very little space.

stair slide
2. The iron-mirror table. Not only saves space but also when you finish ironing a dress you can put it on, see what's left and look in the mirror. As fast as possible.
mirror plate

3. The chair from which another chair comes . A good way to save space. In addition, its design is the most beautiful, when you have guests you take out the chairs and when you do not put them back inside the chair.

design chairs

4. The sofa that turns into a bunk. This is one of the best events, although in my case I already use the sofa many times as a bed and without bunk because I fall asleep unintentionally . But instead of one you can sleep.

sofa bunk
5. The strange sofa that turns into a table with chairs, even though it is true that at least in the images it seems that it is a bit small, this surely to the tall people will not like much. But it's another great way to save space.
sofa that turns into a table with chairs

And up to here the 5 small great inventions of today What do you think?